"The process of becoming a Full Member takes time, but it is worth it. I would be remiss if I did not mention the benefit of having another site to advertise on via the public member directory profiles; the price of a UCIEP membership is nothing compared to other third-party advertising sites." - Jason Romano, University of Illinois Chicago."

  1. If you're interested in becoming a member, click here to check your eligibility.
  2. If you see you're eligible, you will continue to the new member registration where you will sign up as a prospective member while we review your eligibility.
  3. After the form and new member registration is submitted, a member of our volunteer board will contact you. They will provide you with more information on the process, ask you to provide proof of eligibility, and will provide the questionnaire to become a full member.
    • Most members begin as an Associate Member while the UCIEP Board reviews your application.
      • Associate Members have access to the UCIEP Member's Area, which has a multitude of resources. Institution Profiles, however, are not made public until your full membership status has been conferred.
  4. After you have completed and returned the questionnaire, the questionnaire will be reviewed by the UCIEP board at one of their business meetings. The UCIEP Board meets in February, June, and October. The UCIEP Board will either recommend your institution for the Full Member track, Associate Member track, or no membership.
  • If voting results in your being on the Full Member track, a site visit will be scheduled, and a one-time payment (currently $1,800) for the site visit will be collected. If the site visit is favorable, the Board will make a recommendation for Full Member status to be voted on by all UCIEP members. When switched to Full Member, your institution profile will become public.
  • If voting results in your being on the Associate Member track, you will have a three year period from when you were entered into the system to reach the criteria to be a Full Member.
  • If voting results in no membership, you will be given instructions if you have the opportunity to apply again or not.