Study with us in the United States

Why study in The U.S.?

Studying at a university or college in the United States can be a terrific and rewarding experience. U.S. academia is full of diversity and is a very inviting and accepting culture. U.S. universities offer excellent learning environments with flexible teaching methodologies and ample support services to ensure your success.


Yes, it is safe to live and study in the United States. Universities and colleges in the U.S. are especially safe.

  • Campuses are well lit and have police that frequently patrol.
  • Many campuses have emergency stations around campus where students can call police quickly.
  • The majority of universities/colleges provide safety trainings to faculty, staff, and students.

Unfortunately, crime does happen, but it happens all around the world. It is still important that all people stay alert and pay attention to their surroundings. Many school orientations provide reminders to help students stay safe.

Emergency Station Showing Campus Safety in US

Why Study at a UCIEP University/College?

Studying at a UCIEP member university/college gives students and their families the peace of mind that it will be a quality education. In order for a university or college English language program to become a UCIEP member, they must have the following standards:

  • UCIEP institutions provide students with access to resources beyond the classroom.
  • UCIEP institutions have a core full-time faculty with training at the master’s level or above who regularly participate in professional development.
  • UCIEP institutions have a curriculum that is informed by best practice in the field and consistently reviewed.
  • UCIEP directors are trained in language and teaching which guides the programs effectively.

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