Strengthening Industry Leaders in English Language


UCIEP created its Associate Membership in order to further support and strengthen university and college-governed English language programs.

  • Associate Members are those that are working hard towards achieving Full Member status.
  • They do NOT yet meet all the standards of UCIEP's Bylaws and UCIEP's Guidelines.

With the support of the UCIEP Board and its members, we are confident they will be successful in attaining those standards. UCIEP Full Members are committed to working with Associate Members to ensure that students receive the highest quality English language instruction from trained, professional teachers.

Current List of Associate Member Institutions Seeking Full Member Status

The Associate Membership was initiated in February of 2023 at UCIEP's Annual Director's Conference. We are currently seeking applicants to take advantage of the  Associate Membership; Click here to see if you are eligible and apply today.

Associate Members - appearing in alphabetic order - will be listed here as notice to its members and the public. Associate Members that do not meet the standards for Full Member status after the three year period will simply be removed from this list.

Institution Name (MM/YY to MM/YY)

Institution Name (MM/YY to MM/YY)